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Here is a short reply. I would enjoy talking (phone, email or in person) with anyone at your convenience.

  • Southside and Waddell. In my first term, I¬†advocated for and obtained funding for sidewalks.
  • Initiated first affordable housing survey of Beaufort County through budget appropriation. ¬†Some council members didn’t think affordable housing was an issue but I convinced them to support the survey. Currently working to establish a Regional Housing Trust Fund.
  • Rural and Critical Lands program – I can send you a list but includes the park at Ft. Frederick in Port Royal and acquisition of parcel for stormwater and preservation in Shell Point.
  • As an advocate for stormwater management, I work with the joint project with the City, DOT, and county in Mossy Oaks. Advocated for stormwater engineering study in Shell Point and the upcoming grant applications.
  • Member of the Southside Park Task Force and part of the neighborhood group pushing for it. Pickleball at Southside Park and Shell Point parks .

In the next four years, I will use my experience and abilities to collaborate with other local governments and agencies so we can accomplish common goals such as providing affordable housing; allerviating traffic problems such as Ribaut Road; managing stormwater and protecting our water quality; ensuring economic diversity and nurturing military economic drivers in northern Beaufort County.

I want to ensure our quality of life for the next generation.
Alice and grandson
We spent some time in Port Royal SC for the Birthday for the Birds celebration!

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